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Enterprise Ready Analytics and Forensics

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With Metronome Labs It's As Easy As:
Metronome Capture collects, filters and sessionizes web traffic data in real-time inside your firewall. Capture provides the depth of detail of tagging solutions without the need to implement and maintain JavaScript on your pages. Metronome Capture is integrated with applications for web analytics, site monitoring, trouble-shooting and fraud detection.
Metronome Examine provides web forensics data in a convenient, easy to use web interface. Examine puts the information you need to know what is happening on your website at your fingertips. This information is tied to our Rawview™ technology, allowing you to see what your users see, and to view the actual data sent to and from your web server.
Metronome Explain provides advanced web analytics without the need to tag your website. Metronome Explain provides a suite of standard reports, along with a powerful report building interface that allows you to integrate web data with enterprise data sources to give your marketing team the power, control and flexibility it needs to succeed.